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Jordan, downtown Dallas.

My friend Skyler (photographer, architect, blogger, stand-up guy and so forth) invited me along on a shoot yesterday in downtown Dallas with the lovely Jordan Raines. While shooting in low light (read: night) for the first time had me slip-sliding up the learning curve, the city fluorescents brought out new angles and shadows hidden by the safety of the day. We trekked along Ervay and Main to catch the light of a few doors and neon signs, huddling and laughing to brainstorm new backdrops and keep warm. IMG_9213_small IMG_9197_small IMG_9148_small IMG_9088_small IMG_9112_small IMG_9116_small IMG_9122_small IMG_9164_small IMG_9157_small IMG_9120_small IMG_9076_small IMG_9217_small

Straight eight.

The Wayfarers.