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Seven Days In.

I'm in New York City.

I've pledged not to represent each phrase in this post as a separate paragraph (to keep your attention on the Internet, dear reader, desperate measures are sometimes required), but let's run that byline again, because it's big:

I'm in New York City.

Was it Nora Ephron who said that New York is incredible to live in but terrible to visit? Well, Ms. Ephron, the chips are on the table. I've had a few good visits, so I bought the storage unit and the plane ticket and here I am, one week in. 

I should probably write lessons learned one week in--captain's log, count the days, all that--but right now, on Sunday night in the Starbucks on Union in Williamsburg (I promise I've visited good coffeeshops, but sometimes you just need to end your week firmly in middlebrow America), I don't know that I have it in me to curate and cull and narrate this city. Friends and strangers are still feeding me my lines, but I'll get there, I'll learn the steps, I'll mental map the subway lines and strike that assertive-but-kind tone I've heard often around these parts. 

And while I'm at it, I hope to write/snap/hum more than I have been. Don't call it a comeback, but I hope some shortform (it's pretty long, I know) makes it way to this page. When I was in Mexico, making sense through the lens/frets/homerow were my anchors of sanity in a season of threshing. I sense some history repeating. Hope you enjoy--


B-Roll // October 2016

Mid-winter rays.