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Resolved: The first day.

I will not or no longer: -Use "gracias" as a greeting when being introduced to a superior.

-Cap and uncap a green Sharpie pen until it bleeds on my hand in my inaugural meeting with my direct report.

-Throw away perfectly good napkins from the desk-dweller before me. Napkins can be hard to come by, especially when needed.

-Order huarache con arrachera topped with manchego at a business lunch.

-Explain in hurried, broken Spanish that I've never spent time abroad before to people I've just met. That saps the nascent credibility meter into the red.

I will or will continue to:

-Stop by my office early enough to see the local elementary school kids play tag before the morning bell.

-Appreciate the superior functionality of U.S. file folders.

-Keep a vocabulary log and flash-card it up until sounds and sentences untwist themselves.

-Bring snacks.

-Enunciate, project, and de-monotonize.

-Ask questions, even at the risk of sounding dumb. It never turns out poorly.

-Have my shoes shined for 20 pesos at least once a week.

-Smile instead of saying that third sentence.

-Pray for tongues and realize that prayers can be viscous, dripping into my spirit day by day and year by year.

-Laugh at myself.

Week Two.