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Hot chocolate and breaking a twenty at the airport. An ATM fiasco within 5 minutes of landing.

Marveling on top of the Sun Pyramid.

Gondolas by candlelight.

Walks back to the hostel with a brother who has become a friend.

Salsa lessons and mojitos.

Views from a castle, mazes in a market, wine over the zócalo, and sunset at the bell tower of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Sangria nightcaps, seated cross-legged on the floor, washing down street tacos and deep/hilarious conversation.

It's after weekends like this one that I don't want to leave—everyone important to me, just move down here.

Of course I took pictures, and of coirse I'll share more. It's just a matter of downloading the card and punching the buttons and clicking send. Soon and very soon.

Mid-winter rays.