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Mid-winter rays.

Dear friends, new friends and one favorite little brother hopped the border to let me try and change their minds about Mexico City last weekend. Mission accomplished, I think. Over four days, we managed to ride on every single metro line, eat nearly fifty tacos, climb the Western hemisphere's tallest pyramid, MacGyver a candlelight gondola ride along ancient canals and speed-straw mojitos while trying out new spins in La Condesa. To say the trip went well is understatement; it was sweet assurance that the bonds I made have not rusted but have intertwined more densely in the cross-cultural lattice. Two worlds connected, and I hit the second half of my scholarship with the inertia of familiarity. Did I go overboard in asking my adventure cadre to act natural while standing atop church bell-towers at sunset or sweating next to a cactus? Yep. Did I bring along snacks and napkins in the den-mom travel bag every day? Uh-huh. Did our güero skin get angry and pink with mid-winter rays? Triple check. More thoughts and frames to come, but here's a few glamour-succulent shots to press into in the meantime:



Rachel, January 2014.